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Quick and Easy Experience Tracker

Quick and Easy Experience Tracker

Even though I run milestone leveling, I like to keep an eye on the XP my party has accumulated to gauge how things are going. At least one of my players loves the process of leveling (not that any of us dont) and so I really try to keep an eye on how many sessions it has been.

You fill in the session and the XP that was gained for the encounter.

It then calculates the:

  • Running Total: This is conditionally formatted the reference table on the right
  • ‘Should be’ Column: This is the level they should be given the amount of XP per the PH
  • Sessions at Level: This is conditionally formatted to warn (with Yellow) at 4 sessions and alert (with Red) at 5 sessions. To change these you just need to change the conditional format equation.

Here is an example of what it looks like.


If you’d like to use this, here is a link to the google sheet. Please copy it before you do so. Otherwise, your changes will be reflected for everyone.