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Running the Game: Kalain’s Tower

A detailed reference for navigating Kalain’s Tower (the Autumn version of the Converted Windmill) while running Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. Includes descriptions, rooms, and rosters.
Running the Game: Kalain’s Tower
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This crumbling stone windmill was converted into a residence over a century ago and has fallen into disrepair. An eccentric Waterdavian artist now lives here. She hasn’t been the same since her true love abandoned her. There are no squatters in the residence.

The following features apply unless an area description or encounter states otherwise:

  • Rooms have 15-foot-high ceilings, with 10-foot-high passages and 7-foot-high doorways connecting them.
  • Doors are wooden, closed, and unlocked.
  • The walls are covered with graffiti, and the stone floors are strewn with garbage and detritus. Windows are empty lead frames without glass.
  • There are no light sources.
  • The exterior doors are always locked.

Skill Checks

  • A lock can be picked with a successful DC 15 Dexterity check by a character using thieves’ tools.
  • A door can be smashed open with a successful DC 15 Strength (Athletics) check.

Other Details

  • Any attempt to break into the tower is 75 percent likely to noticed by one of Kalain’s neighbors.
  • Eight veterans of the City Watch arrive 10 minutes later to investigate the intrusion.


Map of Kalain’s Tower (Converted Windmill)

Rooms and Roster