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Running the Game: NPC - Kalain

A detailed reference for bringing Kalain, a former lover of Degault Neverember, prominent artist, and fallen aristocrat in Waterdeep to life.
Running the Game: NPC - Kalain
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  • Forgetful. Loses track of the conversation and abruptly starts talking about completely different subjects.
  • Rubs her cheek with her hand with increasing vigor as she becomes distressed.
  • Will activate creatures from her smaller, older, more peaceful paintings to assist her (fetching small objects, etc.).
  • Sees Dagult, Waterdeep, and the monsters of the newer paintings as all being the same thing; will refer to them interchangeably.
  • Speaks of Neverwinter as if she were a red-headed maiden who seduced Lord Dagult from her arms. Occasionally confuses Neverwinter and Alethea Brandath.
  • Only civil to Vhaspar, very rude to everyone else

Role Playing


  • Love


  • Has turned a bit mad
  • Will see threats where none exist
  • Rubs her cheek with her hand with increasing vigor as she becomes distressed


  • If not upset, her tone is soft and reserved but will escalate to near hysteria if tipped.


  • Forgetful. Loses track of the conversation.
  • Pours herself into her art


  • Is a famous Waterdavian painter that was commissioned to paint a portrait of Lord Dagult Neverember, then Waterdeep’s Open Lord, in 1475 DR.
  • Her meeting with Neverember marked the beginning of a torrid love affair that lasted over a year. One of the many gifts he lavished on her was an estate in the Sea Ward.
  • Their relationship faltered as Dagult’s visits to Neverwinter became more frequent and extended. He made promises to Kalain that he failed to keep, and when she raised the subject of faithful commitment, he treated her poorly, for his true love was Neverwinter.
  • Kalain became enraged after Dagult’s rejection and turned to painting monsters that, in her mind, represented him.
  • Her power to harness the Weave clings to the fabric of her works, giving her the ability to bring these monsters to life on command.
  • Ultimately, Neverember used his influence to ruin Kalain and divorce her from Waterdeep’s high society.
  • She was allowed to keep her home, but her work and her reputation were destroyed, slowly and methodically.
  • Kalain’s spirit was broken, leading to the onset of madness. Now she locks herself away, content to let time erode the last of her conscience.
  • She always saw Dagult and Waterdeep as one and the same, and now they are both her mortal enemies

Key Information


  • Destroy Degault for what he did


  • If told that Dalakhar was killed, she will blame the PCs for killing him on Nevrerember’s orders and then rapidly escalate to concluding that they are there to kill her


  • Knows that during their final days together, Default was obsessed with a “Melairkyb ceremonial temple or religious vault or something like that. He was always more focused on anything else rather than me. Rather than us.” She can provide the Neverember Papers if questioned.
  • If asked if she knows where the “vault” is located, she will become quite distressed: “I should know this. He was fixated on it. It would make me so angry… so very, very angry… And now I can’t remember why.” (She was irrationally jealous because it was his ex-wife’s tomb, but because of the Stone of Golorr she can’t remember that anymore. No one can.)


Dalakhar - On at least semi-friendly terms

Degault Neverember - Pure hatred

Renaer Neverember - Despises him because of his father

Vhaspar Holmdreg - Her caretaker; the only one she actually trusts



If she senses that combat is imminent, then she will attempt to use Art Imitates Life as a surprise before engaging.

Art Imitates Life: Kalain touches one of her paintings and causes its subject to spring forth, becoming a creature of that kind provided its CR is 3 or lower. The creature appears in an unoccupied space within 5 feet of the painting, which becomes blank. The creature rolls initiative when its first acts. It disappears after 1 minute, when it is reduced to 0 hit points, or when Kalain dies or falls unconscious.